11/26/2016: 10:37

I haven’t blogged much this year as this one has been jammed pack with collaborations, less book items but more of other things. Building a brand is a tough business and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve also learned that when doing something like building a brand, it’s best to focus on that brand and not a lot of other things. I’ve tried a few experiments and stopped them as well because the ROI (return on investment) wasn’t there. With all of that being said, I will continue to try new things but I am also looking to do more targeted things that build my brand as well.

This year in a recap. I organized my first Anthology for Women’s History Month. I started a collaboration with Author N. Saba for Black History month but due to extenuating circumstances, we had to put that on pause. But, we will continue shortly. I’ve participated in my first collaboration with two awesome authors, I look up to. I attended three different book functions where I met a lot of awesome people. My book, 10-80 won a Swirl Award for Best Mainstream Book. That was EXTREMELY exciting. I’ve written book two and three for some of my book series.

Next year, well. 2017 is going to be crazy. I’m telling you now. Xyla World is expanding and sort of in weird ways. here will be triple the collaborations, expansion to paranormal, fantasy and a few other things. Anyway, that’s what’s going on over here! I’ll be in touch soon.

2/1/2016: 7:30 AM

This month, Author N. Saba and I will post an ongoing story everyday that features two different couples as they learn about historical figures and reflect on how they have impacted their lives. At the end of the month, the stories will be compiled into a book and sold for $0.99. Please share, support and enjoy! Thanks. Start with Day 1 – here!


1/21/2016: 9:16 AM

Xyla World!

I meant to send this out yesterday, the day of the Just Ride release, but I forgot. Now, that I’ve seen this news, I stopped everything I was doing to send my gratitude to you!

Just Ride was a new venture for me and as an avid MC romance fan, for me to explore away from my AA/IR sub-genre and the context of the characters was a huge leap. I won’t get into what I thought and what I was told but I will say it was not what I expected. From the Pre-Orders to release day and even after that. The crazy part about all of this was that Just Ride rose as high as #3 in Erotica – Suspense, Action and Humor. Then, today it hit #1 in Urban Erotica. I am simply overwhelmed and I just had to share my sincere gratitude to Xyla World for sticking with me. It warmed my heart to see that folks who bought Just Ride, were folks who bought many of my other books. It equally made me feel good that I have many new readers who have already reached out to show their support.


Thank you everybody. Authors that have shared the link, expressed their congratulations and support. I really appreciate each and every one of you. People that have bought it, inboxed me and wanted to discuss – I love it! Those that have bookmarked it for your weekend reads or when you have some down time. I love and appreciate you!

I don’t have anything else to say because I’m sort of in awe about the entire situation. However, I did want to take the time to thank you! Could not do it without you!


12/3/2015: 3:13 PM

TODAY, it happened again. 10-80 hit #1 for Interracial Erotica on Yes, I’m in shock. Yes, I need to get over it. and No, I won’t. I’m a new author and I decided way back in April to celebrate what I’ve worked hard to do, no matter how small it is on the grand scheme of things. This time last year, I was stuck in a rut and 12 months later, I have multiple books that people actually like to read. I don’t care if that’s a total of ten really, really nice people. That’s awesome and I’ll celebrate!



11/28/2015: 6:35 PM

10-80 made it to No. 1 on the day after opening! Thank you so much! 🙂IMG_20151130_220725

11/27/2015: 12:30 PM

Well, I am excited because 10-80 was released last night and I’m advertising it today. So, when I woke up, it was ranked at #3 and even crawled to #2 in Interracial and Urban Erotica! AMAZING!

What am I thankful for? Well, a lot. However, I am thankful for those that took a chance on a new author, continues to give me their feedback and roll with my #SwitchingUpTheStyle on them! I love you guys! Appreciate you guys! And wish you all a happy holiday!

Get your copy of 10-80. I have a feeling, you might like it. 🙂 Click Here!


11/23/2015: 9:58 PM

It’s Xyla! NanoWriMo is almost over and you’ll be happy to know that I exceeded my 50k words per month and before time! YAY! Therefore, a new release is coming your way this Thanksgiving or Black Friday! More about that later! More importantly, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and Across the Tracks will be FREE on 11/24. Yup, free for you!

Be sure to get your copy here!


10/31/2015: 4:00 PM

Hey Everyone,

The Chase 2 is live and the update has gone through. I do apologize forEbook the inconvenience, as the wrong file was uploaded. That meant all pre-orders and people who purchased it before noon on 10/31/2015 have a faulty version. This is beyond dreadful, but in order to get the updated version, you must contact Amazon by calling 1-206-922-0866. Explain that you’ve purchased the book and you need the updated version. I am still in communication with them to push it through, but so you can enjoy your reading for the weekend. The quickest way is call or do an online chat. I am so sorry about this and I thank you so much for your patience.


9/23/2015: 6:21 PM

It’s me again. Look’s like I’ve been posting every month now. This month makes it the sixth month since I published my first book, The Chase 1. The great news is that The Chase 2 is coming out next month for all of those fans that took a chance on me and even if The Chase wasn’t their cup of tea, they tried something else. I appreciate you! If you follow me on Facebook, which you should do, btw.

You know that I have a few upcoming releases and happenings. Over the past few months, I’ve been extremely busy building my brand and my company for the long term. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So nothing happens over night and since I’m the entity, it falls on me to do! Not looking for temporary, but the bigger goal and that is what I’m working on. That might mean, fewer releases, more short stories or etc. However, just know there will be some changes coming to Xyla World.

  • Power of the Pen is coming next week!
  • Naughty Bedtime Stories: In Three Words will feature a short story called, You’re Worth It. Coming 10.10.2015 (Hot Ink Press Anthology)
  • The Chase 1 is in a box set (What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey) Coming 10.5.2015
  • The Chase 2 is available on Pre-Order. Click Here!



8/22/2015: 2:42 PM

It’s Xyla. So, it looks like I didn’t have a reading month. Boooo. 🙁 However, I had a busy writing month. Well, two months. For all my mailing list and texting folks, a new release is coming for them. For everyone, Across the Tracks will be released next week. I’m super excited about this one. BOMBSHELL is still in the top 20 and more readers are finding my work and loving it. Equally exciting, I’ve had readers tell me that they are re-reading my books. WOW! I rarely re-read or re-watch anything, so if I do that means I really, really loved it and the story stayed with me. To hear that, just made my day.

Stay tuned because I have some more things coming your way. Things out of the box, of course and some sequels. The Chase II is coming in November and the second series in FRCC is coming probably in December. Will be in touch soon.


7/24/2015: 10:45 AM

It’s Xyla. Well, I have some things on the horizon. This was supposed to be my reading month, but as it turns out it’s more of a writing month. 🙂 This is good and bad, because I need to rest and read. BOMBSHELL made it to #1 in African-American Erotica. Thank you guys so awesome! It is still in the top 10, so that is equally exciting. My next book, Across the Tracks, is coming out August 28th and available on Pre-Order.  Power of the Pen is complete and is available for Pre-Order as well. The Chase II is coming in October. And if you are on my mailing list, you will have access to the next Book Chronicle. Be sure to check it out! 🙂

Until next time, see you on the net.


7/12/2015: 12:06 PM

Well, BOMBSHELL is coming out in 3 days! #Exciting Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on some other things besides publishing books, but expanding my brand. I clearly haven’t reached any level of notoriety. However, I’m So, if you are connected to me, either on my mailing list, text alerts, facebook or twitter, you will get these updates. Especially, since I’ll be moving away from some things and gravitating towards others.

Be sure to stay in touch!

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6/30/2015: 12:21 AM

Thirty days ago, I published my last post and a lot of things have happened during that time. I wrote another book that will be released TODAY! This book is for my readers and people that are on my mailing list. I wrote this for you because I really appreciate your support! Being a new author is hard, but you guys took a shot with me and I wanted to be sure that I thanked you! If you are not on my mailing list, see the post below for the link and get on there! Lots of things happening this summer, don’t miss out!

So, I want to mentally prepare you for BOMBSHELL. This book is very much like my typical books. Professional hero and heroine, holding their own, until they meet each other. However, the heroine is dealing with something that many people live with daily and I wanted to address this publicly and openly, because ‘we’ tend to not discuss these things. Yes, this is romance and books are a way to escape reality, but I also like to write books about characters that I can relate to. When I read, I’m looking for the lessons I can learn, I’m looking for the mirror in the characters that can show me a glimpse of how I am, how people take me, etc. I read for entertainment, but I also read things that invoke thought, emotion and has some depth. I do the same with my writing. Every story has a point, all my characters go through a transition, and struggle to overcome obstacles, even if the hindrance is themselves.

So, when you read BOMBSHELL, keep an open mind and open heart. My purpose is to show that there is someone for everybody and our biggest hangups, are often non issues with the right person. Keep your head up!

6/1/2015: 5:11 PM

Be sure to sign up for my newsletters. I will start to manage them and put “secrets and giveaways” in them on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Check out the latest one here: Also, sign up for text alerts! Link is on the Newsletter!


5/31/2015: 11:23 PM

Today, I revealed the cover, provided an excerpt and pre-order link for Across the Tracks. Well, it made it #19 in African-American Erotica. I am in absolute awe! I know people are probably sick of my awe’s, but I really am. I have goals, deadlines to meet and hours to obtain, but I’m so excited about all that is happening and waiting patiently for all that will happen THIS YEAR! Just watch and see! Great things are a coming! 🙂

The College President is currently at #4 and The Chase is in the 30’s. We need to get that back. 🙂

After the release of The Chase II and Power of the Pen! I’m going to take a hiatus! But in the meantime, I’m on my grind! 🙂


5/28/2015: 12:18 AM

So, it’s been awhile! First The Chase and now The College President just released yesterday and man, I was blown away! Blown away by the Pre-Orders, blown away by the receptiveness, blown away at getting to #1 African-American Erotica. Just simply and utterly blown away! I’ve been trying to get The Chase there and it got as high as #2, but for The College President on opening day to get to #1 – CRAZY! Yes, I’m hype as of now I have two book in the Top 10 in AAE. Who the hell knew it could happen? I didn’t imagine. When I said I wanted to write it wasn’t to be ranked, it wasn’t to get recognized, but to complete a task and fulfill a dream. Never in a thousand years did I think I could write something and people would like it and want more. Who the hell knew? Stay up all night to read something I wrote. Never!

Maybe the novelty will wear off, but on some level I don’t want it to. I want to marvel at the small things, be thankful for them. I don’t ever want to take this for granted or belittle it in anyway. It’s amazing to me. I’m blogging this because I want to remember! I do not want to forget what it felt like to have something you were convinced was a rookie mistake nightmare. Boy! Simply in awe!

On May 27th – After 4:30PM – The College President was #1 Amazon Bestseller!



4/24/2015: 12:05 AM

WOW! It’s been over a month since I posted anything. My apologies. I have literally eat and breathed THE CHASE. It has been released and doing well! I need to get some more reviews up, but I am pleased with what has happened thus far. The release party was great! Other authors have been phenomenal! And the readers of THE CHASE have been the best! They’ve contacted me to let me know how much they liked the book and that I have a new fan! WOW! It has been amazing! A few people told me about errors, which I will change, when I get a chance to breath again, but I appreciate those as well.

In other news, I have changed the release date for The College President. It will now be released May 27th. It is currently on Pre-Order on Amazon. This book, at least for the first 90 days will be exclusive to Amazon for the Unlimited Program. I wanted to compare this with The Chase, which is available everywhere. My next book will be released on July 1st. The cover is HOT! The story is HOTTER. It’s a little different, but I’m curious to see how people receive this!

Okay, people. I’m out! Have sweet dreams and I’ll see you soon!


3/14/2015: 4:19 PM

Being creative has never been a problem for me, but follow-through always has been. I have a pending degree because I haven’t written the dissertation. I change cars every 3 years, I want to try something and then move on. There are pluses and minuses to this characteristic, but one thing that is prevalent right now is that writing a book is not my problem, but editing it seems like absolute torture. So I’d rather update my already updated website than edit. Okay, I’m going to edit now. I’ve set a deadline and need to abide by it. Urg. 🙂

3/10/2015: 8:46 AM

I just have to vent. I’d be the first person to stress the importance of editing, however I CANNOT STAND IT! It makes me crazy! URG.

3/8/2015: 10:15 PM

Well, I have literally been at a computer for weeks. This business is hard work, but the good thing is – I was made for this. I have a several promotional items that are simply awesome and cutting edge. I really do not like to do the same things as others, but some things are just standard industry items. I like original plots, themes, characters, advertisements, etc. That’s just who I am…always thinking outside the box. Well, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, that is where I live now. 🙂 More to come! Swag to giveaway, deals to make, books to sell! Oh and writing to be done. 🙂

3/1/2015: 9:25 PM

I am so excited. There is so much to share, but in due time. First things first, I have a cover! Yay. Working on more covers as we speak. Purchasing swag, planning giveaways and editing my butt off. 🙂 Very excited! I will announce the cover reveal, then book reveal, then the giveaways! Coming to you soon. Stay tuned!

2/28/2015: 2:00 PM

I am on my way to Maryland to see some of my old students play in the championship basketball game. So excited for them! I decided to catch a bus because I will have eight straight hours to type and edit my first novel. So, the bus is about to pull off and I am wondering exactly how much work I will actually get done. I will keep you updated.

2/20/2015: 2:16 PM

Honey will always attract more bees than vinegar, some things you just don’t vent on social media.

2/3/2015: 12:54 AM

Hey Guys, I finished Book 3. It doesn’t have a title yet, but out of the three books I like this one the best, I think. I am still developing as a writer, so as I continue to write, I’m sure I will think they get better and better. 🙂 I am working on advertisements and I’m very excited to announce that I made one myself and actually liked it. See the book page, or click here. Well, that is three books down in two months. Okay, I have an all-day PD tomorrow, so I need to get in bed for that. Night! XT

1/20/2015: 12:20 AM

I have finally finished a book, which is my longest thus far with 73k words. I haven’t even finished the epilogue or done the edits that I need, but whew, it feels good to finish. Nobody will probably believe this, but it took me 2 weeks to write this entire book, but my first book it took 4 days. This is what happens on my breaks. I figured if I can read 5 novels, I can at least write 1. It makes me feel productive. Coming to you soon. Okay, now I’m going to bed. I have work tomorrow. Night all!


I’ve been playing around with videos, promotional items, etc. I found this site from another author’s promo and thought I might try it out. It beats the manual labor I put into my first video. It was tedious.

Today, it was quite cold in Brooklyn. I am very excited about this new process for me because after reading 1oo’s of novels and books in general, I finally decided to write a novel. As I await my time, I’ve taken to becoming a social networking junkie. Liking every post, constantly looking at Twitter, gathering friends and uploading all of the books I’ve read on GoodReads. The bad part about this is GoodReads provides way too many other books that I can easily become engrossed with and then I’m no longer writing. Urg. I’ll balance this. I have to, now that I have set a deadline and also told you, so you know.

As always, Like my page, tweet me, email me. I would love to connect with you!


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