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Xyla Has Masks!

Hey Family,

I hope you are all doing well during this pandemic. My continual thought is for you to be safe above all else, healthy and stable. That is not the case for everyone, I know, but during this time, it is when we can come together and provide that support. I live in New York and the thing that struck me the most was that I could not find or purchase the following things: Toilet Paper, gloves and masks. Under the circumstance, I tried not to panic, but think of solutions. So when an opportunity crossed my desk for customizable masks and gloves, I immediately jumped on it. One, because my thought was, there were others like me who needed masks and gloves. Two, I thought it would be pretty cool.

Therefore, I present the Xyla Turner Be Safe, Read Romance Masks. The gloves are coming soon, but the masks are here. If you want to get your own, click here and order yours now. I’m half-way through my stock. If you want to get alerted when the gloves arrive, just be sure to get on my mailing list or text EZXYLA to 313131.

As always…Be Safe and oh yeah, Read Romance. 🙂


Yours truly,


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