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Warren: A Novella is LIVE!

Warren: A Novella

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Price: $0.99

I was doing a favor for my sister, but that led her into my club.
This was no place for a woman like her, but I wasn’t a man that would turn her away.
No, I’d teach her and mold her for myself.

One favor turned into another.
One apology turned into Warren seeing how much I enjoyed things I knew not of.
I told him I could handle it, but he knew better.
His response to me only led me deeper down the rabbit hole.
One that I did not want to come out from.

Please noteWarren is a short novella and will only take up a percentage of this book.
Never before chapters from three yet-to-be-released books, Always RightLove at All Costs: Stetson Series and Dream Ride: Legion of Guardians are also included at the back of the short novella. Along with a preview of Take A Knee and Cole.


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