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Vote for BOMBSHELL: Swirl Awards



It’s that time again! The end of the year and time to vote for those books, heroes, heroines and covers! First up is BOMBSHELL! It was nominated in the Swirl Awards for Best Cover! There are some awesome covers in this batch but the great thing is you can vote every single day until the end of September. So, vote for all your favs and BOMBSHELL of course. LOL

10-80: Line of Duty Series was nominated in the Swirl Awards for Contemporary Mainstream. There is no voting for this one so wish me luck.

Now, let’s find out what Swirl Awards is all about

The Swirl Awards is the brain child of many, many conversations with several authors who write interracial and multicultural romance. Often overlooked and unrecognized for their contributions to romantic fiction, the Swirl Awards was created to promote romance without color barriers!

Visit their site and check them out!

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