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The Company: 3 Amazing Authors

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Olivia Gaines, Tiana Laveen & myself have come together to present The Company to you. These are three BWWM, paranormal, no cliff-hangers novels available to you for Pre-Order at a retailer near you – only $0.99.

Here are blurbs for each novel and a brief excerpt from mine, Company Secrets.

Trapped in the Company by Olivia Gaines


“The doors will be locked down at 5:30…”

Tuesday was Clarice Wilcox’s favorite day of the week.  There was something so special about a Tuesday morning.  UnlikeMonday, when the brain is still grumbling over having to be awake and working, by Tuesday, a brain and body are over the shock, ready to get some things done.  This Tuesday was Clarice’s day to get things completed. However, this week at The Company is going to change her life. Elliott Marsden was going to make sure of it especially after the two are Trapped in Company all weekend. Overtime isn’t the only thing Elliott is trying to get in with Clarice. I don’t know what it is…about Clarice Wilcox which sets me on fire and launches my body into reproductive mode…but I got it bad for that woman.  Elliott Marsden is the top salesman at The Company and he loves his job. He is also finding out that what he feels for Clarice is a bit more than just the physical.   That man drives me insane…but as much as I try to avoid him, I can’t help myself.  I am drawn to him like a drunken moth at a camp site.  I feel like flying into the flame knowing it is going to kill me. Dying happy is now on my list.

It all went wrong.  Clarice’s plan was to use just a bit of the love potion to attract one man, hoping to repel another, but a twist of fate and poor timing left her trapped in the company with Elliott Marsden for the weekend.  Keeping her reputation intact was the least of her concerns; she needed to be extra savvy to survive a night with Elliott

Company Secrets by Xyla Turner

Ebook Outline ORIGINAL

Jessica Cayman is an ambitious Account Executive for Delancey, Inc. She stays in her lane, works hard and has her eyes set on becoming a partner within the next year. The plan is easy until Sage Wesley, III from The Company refuses to work with her.

His aversion to Jessica turns into a kiss that literally has both of them off their feet. Floating in midair? Then a bite on her neck?

There are too many secrets and Jessica soon finds herself in the middle of an old war between vampires and hunters…too many company secrets.

Cruz Control: In Bad Company by Tiana Laveen


Born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Cruz Black spent most of his life attempting to escape the stifling, horrifying bonds of his bloodline. Part Angel Child, part Demon Child, his upbringing was built on the opposite side of ‘normal’. But, things change when the notorious King Angel Child of New York, Dr. Saint Aknaten, takes him under his wing. During an investigation into a Los Angeles hate crime case assigned to him by Saint, Cruz finds much more than he bargained for causing the sparks fly in an inferno of attraction when Cruz meets Chef Erika. Like brimstone bricks, the pair fall for each other fast and hard, and the chemistry is unmistakable. Cruz has found his mate, but will Erika stick around once he reveals the true nature of a beast?

Erika Goodwin is the girl…

The man’s body oscillated like swaying silk as he moved a hair closer to her during their introduction. His hand reached out to her, his motion fluid. It was the oddest thing, yet strangely sexy. She let her gaze travel to long fingers with perfectly trimmed nails, then looked up to his face. His lips were the color of pale pink roses, the lower one slightly plush, the upper one indented from a prominent cupid’s bow beneath the mustache. The deep cleft in his chin was…simply delicious. And then she focused on his eyes, and her breath hitched. One was definitely lighter than the other, but they seemed to darken before drawing cool once again into shades of gray and deep purple. ….

 When the two cross paths…

… sparks fly in an inferno of attraction. Like brimstone bricks, the pair fall for each other fast and hard, and the chemistry is unmistakable. Cruz has found his mate, but will 

Erika stick around once he reveals the true nature of a beast? 

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The Company bixed set

Excerpt from Company Secrets by Xyla Turner:

#‎Vampires‬ ‪#‎Alphas‬ ‪#‎SassyWomen‬
Sage Wesley, III has just invaded the office of Jessica Cayman!

“Jessica, we are very clear.” Sage leaned back in the stolen chair and continued to speak. “But I’m going to add an addendum to that. You cannot help who you fall for and if you can, tell me your secret because I want to know. If you fell head over heels for me, no amount of work, no amount of boundaries and no amount of HR protocols would take precedence over what was happening. So since we are being open about this, let me say. I’m all about you.” He leaned forward as his eyes seemed to penetrate past my facade and pierce my very core. “There’s just something about you that I cannot shake. If you do not want to do anything about it, fine. I’ll deal, but if you do. You don’t have to wonder where I stand.”


About the Authors


Olivia Gaines is the award-winning, bestselling author of Thursdays in Savannah, and the bestselling serial, The Blakemore Files. She lives in Augusta, GA with her husband, son, and snotty cat, Katness Evermean.

Olivia Gaines

Tiana Laveen is the award-winning, bestselling author of the Saint series and the Race to Redemption series. She has written over twenty-five novels and fights daily with her overactive imagination. She lives in Florida with her family, a reluctant muse, and an imaginary friend who has begged her to grow up.

Tiana Laveen

Xyla Turner is the award-winning, bestselling author of 10-80: Line of Duty Series and Just Ride: Legion of Guardians MC series. Xyla currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, where she works as an educator by day and a romance writer who pens alpha men and the sassy women that love them.

Xyla Turner

About the Book

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