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The Chase – Excerpt

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The Chase by Xyla Turner

He raised an eyebrow at me, “So, are you here to rip out his heart again, because if you are, you can take your sexy ass back on the elevator and leave him alone. I won’t let you do that to him again. He was heart-broken for two fuckin’ weeks when you completely cut him off and then you come back, I see him, he looks great and then you break his heart again. That’s not fucking love. I don’t care how smart and caring you are, what kind of twisted shit is in your head, woman?”

I stepped back at his verbal assault. My face was suddenly hot, like he had just slapped me. I almost stepped forward to slap him back. Apparently he was waiting for my answer to his idiotic question.

I lift my index finger up, “First of all, who the fuck do you think you are talking to? You do not know me from shit and I do not appreciate your fucking tone and especially since you don’t have all the facts.”

My middle finger joined the index as I take a step towards him. “Second of all, how dare you interfere in our relationship, play-boy? What the fuck do you know about love? You would not know what love looked like if it was staring you in the face.

The ring finger joined the others as I take another step towards him. Matthew was starting to look a little nervous, but I did not care as my voice became louder, “Thirdly, I didn’t break his heart twice, asshole. He gave me an ultimatum and dumped me. I came to get him back, because I am, in fact, falling in love with him. So, thank you very much.”

By the time I finished my countdown, I was in his face, and standing on my toes while he leaned back. He held up his hands in surrender, “Whoa, street fighter, calm down.”

There was a loud giggle, causing Matt and me to turn around. My eyes were not prepared for what I saw, because I would have kept my ass home. Xavier was down the hall, staring at both of us with scrunched eyebrows, while a blond hair woman was running her hand up his chest and BITING his ear.

Matthew mumbled, “Oh, shit.”

Stumbling back, because I had to get out of there, I almost tripped. Matt caught me, holding me close to him. I grabbed on to his shirt to keep my balance, then pushed away. My legs started to move towards the elevator, but Xavier was on the move. In a desperate attempt to get out of there, I started to run and thank God for Matt, because he grabbed Xavier, while the doors closed. The last thing I heard was Matt telling Xavier, “Let her go man, you don’t want to do this here.”




Now this, I had not rehearsed or anticipated. As I approached the lobby, my pace increased, because I could not remain in that building. It was officially over and now I had nothing left. My mind was fuzzy, as I was not thinking clearly. What was clear, was that I had to escape, get to the subway station and cry myself to sleep for another night. Quickly walking towards the subway, located right around the corner from his building, I made it down two steps, before someone grabbed my arm. My entire body was being turned as I felt the railing against my lower back. I looked up to see my assailant, and before me stood Xavier with wild eyes and a firm grip on my waist.

“That was not what you think,” he said breathlessly.

“Its fine, Xavier, you’ve moved on and so have I,” I lied.

He glared at me, “So, if you moved on, then, what are you doing here?”

Sighing, I was sick of lying in this immature attempt to save face. I was simply tired, so I told him the truth, “trying to win you back.”

Out of my peripheral vision, I saw someone running towards us. We both turned to see Matt coming to a halt, when he saw us. Grinning from ear to ear, he said, “I just wanted to make sure you guys weren’t killing each other.”

Xavier and I both glared at him. Matt lifted his hands up and took a few steps back. “Just doing my brotherly duty.”

Xavier looked back to me and asked, “You love me?”

“I’m falling in love.” I exclaim, while lowering my eyes.

Lifting my chin, he looked into my eyes, searching intently, “You know I love you, right? You’re my whole world.”

Tears came to my eyes, “Don’t say that to make me feel better.”

He continued to search my face like he did many times before and said, “I’ve been looking for that look that I know I show you. The one that says I’m gone for you and how my whole world revolves around you. I’ve been looking for that look from you, searching and praying that you could feel a fraction of how I feel about you. You’re like a drug to me. I ache for you. I need you. I want you all the time. I get crazy when I don’t have you. How can you not see that baby girl?”

The tears dropped from my eyes faster now. There was no point in wiping them, because it honestly felt like a cleansing was taking place. Just he and I in our own little world. I wrapped my arms around his neck and asked, “Do you see it now?”

“I saw it then,” he said, then kissed me like a man starved. In return, I ravished his lips, but gave him complete control. He picked me up so my legs wrapped around his waist and brought me to the park bench, while he continued kissing me like we were not in public and I was not straddling him.

“Nothing to see here, folks. Just two lovers making up. Keep it moving.” Matthew shouted to people as they walked past

Xavier and I stopped mauling each other and burst out laughing, when we saw Matthew ushering the crowd along when they stopped to gawk at us. Some pulled out phones and others were just nodding their heads in approval.

My forehead rested on his, as I smiled against his lips. Then, I asked, “So, who was the blond?”

“An old associate who wanted to be more.”

“I see…” My voice trailed off.

“Don’t worry about that one Xena, X made it clear when he told her and I quote, ‘not to ever fucking step foot in his building again in life, because if she fucked up his last chance with his woman, she’d regret it the rest of her life’ unquote.” Matt laughed.

“She high-tailed it out of there.” Matt continued.

Turning back towards Xavier, I noticed he did not look apologetic at all. “So, you do threaten to ruin people’s lives.”

Xavier kept his face blank, but Matt chimed in, “If it stands in our way of getting what we want, it’s not a threat, it’s a fucking promise.”

This was quite unsettling, but on some level I understood. I was the same, not in a lethal way, but the bulldozer, move bitch, get out the way – Ludacris way. Apparently, this is what makes successful people get to where they are, but how does that look in a relationship? I guess, I was about to find out.

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