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The Chase – Excerpt (House)

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He hangs up the phone, looks up at me and says, “He’s going to get you rentals, rent-to-own and properties to purchase, because he said with that price range, you’ll probably be better off purchasing.”

“But, I don’t have the credit to own a home right now and plus, I already own a home in Philadelphia and it’s hard keeping good tenants there?”

He looked surprised, “You own a home in Philadelphia?”

“Yes, it was my first home that I purchased after I received a raise. I loved that townhouse. It had a deck, garage, and my own master bathroom.” I reminisced.

He stared at me for a minute, “I’ll back off, if you can adhere to one of the three conditions. 1) You let me co-sign on your new place, 2) You let me put the money up for the down payment or 3) you let me buy it, but it’s in your name.”

I shake my head sideways. “No to all of those. That’s not going to happen. I don’t like those choices, because they all require you to be a part of it in some way.”

“Now, who is not compromising? You say you want a partner, but now that I’m trying to partner with you, consult with you, you won’t compromise.”

Dammit, he’s right.

“Number one will require that you will always be a part of the mortgage and I cannot make decisions with you, so, no, that won’t work. God forbid if anything goes south with us, that would not be good. Number two requires you putting out a lot of money that I’m not comfortable with that at this point in our relationship. Number three is just absolutely crazy, that is a lot of money and power if you bought my house. Hell no.”

“So, partner, come up with different options,” I counter.

“Xena, what do you mean ‘at this point in our relationship’?”

“We’ve been together for about a month now, which in any years, even dog years is not long. I don’t know much about you, still learning every day and the same with me. We haven’t even had a holiday together. We are still figuring each other out, hence this whole conversation. So, accepting money from you at this point, I am completely uncomfortable with that.”

“Fuck, Xena – I’m going to give $50,000 to a charitable organization that I haven’t even seen yet. I’m going to give another $75,000 to a man who I haven’t even broken bread with yet. My lady, who has worked her ass off all her life, put herself through school, makes a difference in children’s lives every day, empowers people to be their best self, because that’s just the type of woman she is, needs something and I am not allowed to give it to her. Then to top that, she loves me enough to put up with me, takes my shit and gives it too, embraced my folks when she is pissed at me, fucks me like she owns me and lets me spank her ass, because we both like that type of shit and she makes me the happiest man on earth. So, if she needs some money, which is nothing compared to the money I make in a single day, I can’t give it to her? You are out of your fucking mind if I’m not going to give it to her. You’re my fuckin’ woman and I’m putting the down payment on your new place.”

Well, shit.

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