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In this excerpt, Zora arrives at her office to find Harvey Black, an owner for a rival Semi-Pro Basketball Team waiting for her. She had met him at a party a few days ago, where he was staring but said nothing.

Chapter 3: Beginning

Zora McCoy

A lazy Sunday is what I planned.

After practice, I came to my office, to find the owner there. Not Pete, my owner, but Harvey, the other one from Friday night. He was sitting in the seat meant for visitors across my desk with his overcoat draped over his thighs. It was such a power move, even if he wasn’t sitting in my chair.

When his eyes hit mine, he smiled, then stood up to greet me. Dressed in a tailored, navy suit with a gold, striped tie and handkerchief square poking from his jacket’s breast pocket.

“Miss McCoy,” he held out his large hand for me to take but I stared at it first, since he was in my office without my consent.

“How may I help you?” I asked while taking his hand.

To my surprise, the man’s large hand enveloped mine but he also lifted our joined fingers to kiss my knuckles, causing all sorts of spasms to run through my body. Those whiskey-colored eyes were on m, adding to the sensation.

That was weird.

Slowly, I removed my hand from his grasp and asked again, “How may I help you?”

“It’s probably more along the lines of I’m here to help you.” His wicked mouth, framed with a neatly manicured mustache and completed with a thick beard. slid into a knowing smile.

All the thoughts that clouded my mind were not good.  Why the cloak and dagger approach by setting no appointment and this assumption that he could help me. I did not want to know because I wasn’t a messy person and honestly, if he needed something from me, there were channels that needed to be activated before he came straight to me. Plus, the kissing of my hand, those lingering eyes, and that damn smile.

“Whatever I need, I will speak to my owner. No one else’s,” I emphasized.

“On the contrary!” He said with renewed enthusiasm, yet still held the same facial expression. “You need a championship and I can give you that. This will get you that position at the National level and my dear, that’s what you’ll get from this owner and not your current one.”


I knew it.

Nothing good.

My head began to shake involuntarily, and I slowly sat in my leather seat.

“Mr. Black,” I held the smirk. “Clearly you don’t know me very well but let me clue you in on why that would never happen. One,” I held up my index finger. “I could give a fuck about a championship or a position in the national league. Two,” my middle finger joined my other. “I don’t do shit like this. Underhanded, behind closed doors and with whispers and hushed tones. And three,” my ring finger joined the others as they stood straight in the air, “your team will make the playoffs because they have solid players but what they don’t have is stamina, so they won’t win and that is something you can take to the court, which by the way I don’t ever see you on.”

One of his thick eyebrows rose in what could have been interest or absolute shock. I am almost certain nobody ever talked to him this way.


Harvey’s lip turned up, then he said, “Well, you may have a point. But, since you won’t let me be an owner for you professionally, how about personally?”

What in the dribbling hell?

“What?!?” I blurted.

He leaned forward and said with short but succinct words, “Own. Mine. You. Me. Fuck.”

Was he a goddamn caveman?

“What?!?” I gasped again because I could not believe the words he was saying.

“You, Zora.” The man repeated. “You won’t take one proposal, so take the other. Fuck me. When and where I say. I’ll own your sweet ass and in turn, you’ll want for nothing.”

There was one man who proposed to me in my lifetime, but I gently turned him down because he was  drunk off his ass, a complete stranger and homeless. Therefore, that did not count. This proposal, however, seemed more serious than I anticipated but the only thing that I could think about to keep my mind off of my wet panties was the fact that I knew his ass was elicit. I knew he was trouble and the way he was looking at me the other night, I knew he wanted a piece of me but what he didn’t know about me was, I was not the fucking type to let someone own me or just fuck me for shits and giggles. I wasn’t in my twenties trying to find my way through life. I was a grown ass woman, with responsibilities and shit that did not involve fucking. I was establishing myself as a professional and world-class coach, then here goes a man, trying to help me sleep my way to the top.

On top of that, I swore off all men.

Sexy ass owners, included.

I was not that woman and I’d never be her.

“Mr. Black, I don’t even like you. Now get out of my goddamn office.” I turned around to face my computer. “Any other requests, please have them go through my owner.”

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