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Coming January 22, 2018
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Take A Knee by USA Today Bestselling & Award Winning Author Xyla Turner

Zora McCoy
I’m done with men, done with anything that looks like a man and just want to live my life.
I’m a woman’s basketball semi-pro coach with a dream to make it to the top. One offer from a team owner has me rethinking everything I thought I wanted for my career.
The problem is, we do not fundamentally agree on basic issues. I take a knee at every game and he defended those that deny my core belief.
He needs to leave me alone.
I want nothing to do with a man and especially him.

Harvey Black
They told me I couldn’t do it and I showed them. I showed them all.
Why can’t I show her?
Zora McCoy, the woman who grates my nerves and makes me want to take her against a wall.
She’s smart, loyal and wants NOTHING to do with me.
Yet, when she has my back, I know that it’s her that I need. When I lose her trust, I also know, it’s her that I must have.
By any means necessary.

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