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I was always a reader. I had the entire babysitter’s book collection and made my mom sign the sample invoices they provided in the kit when I watched my brothers. R.L. Stine was my other favorite, which is odd because you cannot even pay me to watch a scary movie these days. Anyway, I started listening to romance audiobooks a few years ago, when my travel time increased. Then I was turned on to iBooks where I was introduced to the Motorcycle Club (MC) World. I absolutely fell in love with bikers and their sassy women. Also, I was a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy, the parts I could handle since I’m more of a happy ending type of gal. LOL

When I started my transition to writing, it was based on many factors. I was at a place of frustration and decided to write or cry. I chose to write and days later, I had a full-length novel. This accomplishment opened the floodgates because I chose to write more and more. First about people like me, then about people not like me. That transitioned to subjects I knew first hand to subjects I wanted to know more about. Which led me to the characters I’ve most enjoyed. Hence, my next new series.

I am EXTREMELY excited about this series because, in essence, I’ve created a small organization with a mission statement, a creed, and characters to last for ten books and more. When I say, I LOVE MC’s – I do. So…

Xyla’s Passion Collection Presents:

Just Ride – A Legion of Guardians MC Series

Stay tuned for more information about Just Ride, Book 1 in the series. It’s standalone, but all their stories will intertwine.

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