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Updated: Love At All Costs is Live!

Love At All Cost by Xyla Turner
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It is highly recommended that you read books 1 & 2 in the Stetson Series. 

I came to Iowa to finish my degree. Not fall for the local farmer or his brooding ways. One more semester and back to Maryland, I go. 
Then his father, Pops, baits me to cook for him and his rude son and Ida gets me caught up in her love triangle and then I’m in bed with Mills. I also don’t want to get out of bed with the man. 

One bad customer incident, had me going to my new neighbor’s house. Who knew she was a feisty thing and would not accept my peace offering. 
Now, what Nadine did not know is that I was a man that would not be deterred. She caught my eye and after I dealt with my own situation, I’d deal with her. 


BWWM, Interracial, HEA Romance

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