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Let’s Ride Cover Reveal

1Let's Ride-Bk2Let’s Ride Blurb:
“Dying to talk to you, but too stubborn to start the conversation…”~ Unknown
After one night together and a misunderstanding almost four years ago leaves Shay and Bronx not wanting to have anything to do with each other or so they think! Once, Shay’s sex buddy wears out his welcome, and Bronx learns about the arrangement, all of the shit hits the fan. A run-in with another MC, since Shay’s cousin’s trouble, found its way into Manor puts Bronx in a position to help the woman he has dreamt of having for the last four years. The attempt they make at exploring their unrequited attraction is challenged when the full truth is revealed, and old mistakes come back to haunt them. Let’s Ride is a book filled with excitement including the return of Lori, which completely shocks the small town of Manor and Dessy taking on an unexpected member of the Guardians.
Let’s Ride Excerpt:
Bronx just found out who Shay was screwing around with – AND ACTION!
I quickly intervened and said, “it doesn’t fucking matter. Now take your drama out of here.”
Shay turned all the way around to face me, then she said, “There is no drama now get the fuck outta my face. The both of you.”
She said all of that with her eyes solely on me and not Greg.
“You’re in here fussing and shit. Nobody wants to see that. Go and fuck like you normally do. You’re good at that. Fucking ‘em and getting rid of ‘em. Just do that shit off Guardian territ…”
I could have blamed it on the alcohol, but I meant every goddamn word. My heart was torn and I wanted hers to bleed too. It didn’t matter that she was doing what I had driven her to do. I wouldn’t cash in on my prize but I didn’t want anyone else to have it either. It wasn’t fair, but I did not give one fuck.
I should have also known, even in my inebriated state, Shay also had zero fucks to give.
She smacked me hard as shit, right across the left side of my face. It jerked slightly and then she was in my space.
“Anything else you got to say to me, Bronx? Huh?” 
Let’s Ride will be available on an eReader near you!
Coming May 31, 2016
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