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Just Ride – Thank you! #1

Xyla World!

I meant to send this out yesterday, the day of the Just Ride release, but I forgot. Now, that I’ve seen this news, I stopped everything I was doing to send my gratitude to you!

Just Ride was a new venture for me and as an avid MC romance fan, for me to explore away from my AA/IR sub-genre and the context of the characters was a huge leap. I won’t get into what I thought and what I was told but I will say it was not what I expected. From the Pre-Orders to release day and even after that. The crazy part about all of this was that Just Ride rose as high as #3 in Erotica – Suspense, Action and Humor. Then, today it hit #1 in Urban Erotica. I am simply overwhelmed and I just had to share my sincere gratitude to Xyla World for sticking with me. It warmed my heart to see that folks who bought Just Ride, were folks who bought many of my other books. It equally made me feel good that I have many new readers who have already reached out to show their support.


Thank you everybody. Authors that have shared the link, expressed their congratulations and support. I really appreciate each and every one of you. People that have bought it, inboxed me and wanted to discuss – I love it! Those that have bookmarked it for your weekend reads or when you have some down time. I love and appreciate you!

I don’t have anything else to say because I’m sort of in awe about the entire situation. However, I did want to take the time to thank you! Could not do it without you!


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