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Hazard is LIVE!

Hazard by Xyla Turner

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They hired me to mediate between a hot-headed firefighter and a member of his crew at Station 71. However, that same hot-head rejected me on Christmas day without knowing, I would be the one standing between him and his next promotion.
It didn’t matter if he was sizzling hot and sexy. He was a class A jerk and the kiss meant nothing.

The chief brings in a mediator after I told him that the simple resolution was to get rid of the bad egg.
What were the odds that the mediator had to be the sexy vixen from Christmas night?
What I also did not understand was the force field between the two of us. We butted heads, she challenged me, and I just wanted to make her mine.
I would too, but first I had to go through the mediation of another kind.


Hazard is a sexy, IR, romance novella. It is also book 1 in the Station 71 Series


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