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Forbidden Target is #Live

Forbidden Target
is Live!



Short Story, Anti-Hero, Romance Erotica, IR
A version of this story was included in the Bad Boys box set, under the title, Troy!
Savannah’s life was on automatic as she still resided in the same sleepy town she grew up in with the same people and the same situations. Then she ran across Troy Bennett, the outsider, who didn’t mess around with any of the townie women.
One fateful day, Savannah learned that her bedroom cravings were not foreign to the brooding man and that he was willing to follow-through on his promise. Troy was the goal until Savannah found herself in the middle of a shoot-out, only to learn that the sexy Troy was not only off limits but into more than she bargained for.

Now, Savannah Jones was in my face literally, saying she could handle the likes of me. Staring into her brown eyes with golden highlighted hair was beyond mesmerizing. She was a hell raiser and known to kick some ass if it needed. The Townies were scared of her, but then they were afraid of me too. They had a reason to be, I didn’t fuck with any of them.
Biting my bottom lip, I tilted my head to the right and told her, “Go on home.”
Savannah raised her eyebrow at me and lowered from her toes when she said, “Not ready for home, just yet. Came out here looking for a good time. Seems like I might find it.”
“I am not a good time.” I folded my arms over my chest. “You are not ready for me.”

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