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Duncan is Live!

Duncan is here!

The man started his very first conversation with me, by asking me for my hand in marriage. 
That was a negative. 

Duncan: Across the Aisle - Book 2

The man started his very first conversation with me, by asking for my hand in marriage. 
That was a negative. 

Forget that he’s a Republican, rude and intrusive. He is also different from any man that I have ever met.
Yet, there is a side to him that forces me to pay attention. Not the constant counting, the stupid surveys and his defense of building walls. 
That is simply annoying, but…there’s something about this man. 
He’s a different kind of perfect! 
I’m definitely not marrying him, though. 

The woman is beautiful, smart, and accomplished, but she will not marry me.
I had one chance with her, but due to circumstances outside of my control, she no longer will engage with me on an intimate level. 
She is the only one that I can sleep through the night with…the only one that feels right for someone like me. 
No one else will do. 

Note: Readers should read Book 1, Trent, as those characters are heavily weaved into Duncan. Also, this book, specifically the Hero, is a bit different than a typical Xyla Turner book. It is IR, BWWM, and HEA, but Duncan is a different kind of perfect. I hope you give him a chance.

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Review for Trent: Wow! Let me catch my breath. While the rest of the country is trying to stay above the political fray, the author knocked the doors down and went there. She artfully created two characters who cause readers to weigh the reality of the entitlement of conservatism against the plight of the have-nots. The reader is left with much to think about. The story’s beginning and Trent’s personality reminds us of the arrogance we witness in congressional hearings. I cheered Bernadette’s spirit and despite her circumstances, her determination to be respected. Xyla Turner went deep into the origin of Trent’s mentality of entitlement. She skillfully developed a loving relationship between the two characters who’d experienced life from the extremest ends of the spectrum.

Paulette, Amazon

Review for Duncan: The author hinted this would be different than her other books, but it was so much more! Duncan was so rich in character and his mate Portia character was just as rich and full, flawed, human. Portia met him where he as at. She didn't diminish how he was made up and Duncan strives to be or have whatever she needed to whole, comfortable. I know I'm going on and on. So let me say don't miss out on this read. Xyla Turner gets better and better. You know she is going to deliver quality in her work. Her books of late have given so much depth to the issues our country have been struggling over! Her storyline and the characters expose our vulnerability. Well Done Ms. Turner!

C.M., Trent - Across the Aisle Facebook Group

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