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Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women: Withstanding All Anthology

14 Authors have come together to celebrate Women’s History Month!

You do not want to miss these riveting stories that portray the various stages that women go through, including: adolescents, college, young adult, single, married, career, nearly divorced, divorced, mothers, and the aging process.

Experience the real, honest, and uplifting captions of how women withstand all.
This anthology was released March 15, 2016.

Order you copy here.

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Check out the contributing author’s websites:

  1. Amarie Avant
  2. Angelia Vernon Menchan
  3. Heather Rae
  4. Jessica Wren
  5. Lily Java
  6. N. Saba
  7. NaKo
  8. Nia Forrester
  9. Ni’Kay R
  10. Patti Doss
  11. Renee Eddy
  12. Treanna Neufville
  13. Xyla Turner
  14. Yara Kaleemah

For more information, please feel free to send an email, FB message or tweet me! Contact Page.

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