Across the Tracks


Across the Tracks is an interracial romance novel that stars a Philadelphia school teacher/journalist and a stubborn politician. Lisa and Rich battled each other as kids, but as adults, they cannot ignore their attraction towards one another, no matter what family, society or their internal upbringing suggest.


Rich had Lisa against the bricks on the wall, with their noses an inch apart.

“This is why you are a coward, darling.” He said sarcastically. “Because you are more concerned about my thoughts and attitudes about you, but you refuse to address your own about me. At this point in my life, your color means nothing to me. What means the world to me is what you do to my heart whenever I see you or think about you. How you make me feel. How you have changed my life. How in the past, you’ve challenged me to be a better man.” Rich shook his head. “I did it. Not for you, but more for me. Then I find out, you were the fraud. You were the coward. You are the one that is afraid.”

Lisa gasped at his words and he took advantage of her open mouth and kissed her hard. Punishing her lips because he was so mad. She held on to his hips and gave back as hard as Rich was giving her. Then he pulled away and walked away from her. He thought he heard her sob, but he was too angry to find out. Rich long and determined stride parted people like the Red Sea. He didn’t turn back because he knew he’d give in to her.
He almost did.

© Xyla Turner

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