Dream Ride was written by USA Today Bestselling & Award Winning Author Xyla Turner

Please note: This book was originally released in the Legion of Guardian 1-5 Boxed Set. It is the last book in the Legion of Guardians Series. It can be read as a standalone but recommended that you read the prior books.

Just Ride: Razor & Kylie – Book 1
Let’s Ride: Bronx & Shay – Book 2
Extraction: Goliath & Phoebe – (Spin-off)
Just Right: Apollo & Lori – Book 3
Just Dream: Bear & Dessy – Book 4
Dream Ride: Shiz & Avery – Book 5

Spin-Off: Norristown Chapter – Back Pedal (Swag & Vida) – Coming Soon!
Spin-Off: Lady Guardians – ladyguardians.xylaworld.com

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