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Blog: Because My Heart Said So: A Friends-To-Lovers Collection

I’m excited to share this exciting collection of work from these awesome writers!



#4Writers4Love presents:

Because My Heart Said So: A Friends-To-Lovers Collection

By: Nia Forrester, Jacinta Howard, Lily Java and Rae Lamar

Book Cover - Because My Heart Said So (Forrester, Howard, Java & Lamar)


Four Authors. Four Stories. For Love.


“Acceptable Losses” by Nia Forrester: Quentin is in the middle of a separation from his wife that seems to have no conclusive end in sight, while Lena is stuck in Single Girl Hell. The only respite either of them have is their regular coffee dates, while working on shared projects at a very demanding job. Sick of hearing about Lena’s semidisastrous attempts to couple-up, Quentin decides to fix her up. With his brother. Seems like a perfect solution; after all, his brother is a decent enough guy and Lena deserves that. Perfect… until it appears that the fix-up might actually work.

“Blind Expectations” by Jacinta Howard: Aristotle once said the only thing constant in life is change. Or was that Confucius? Whatever. People are fluid—they come into your life for a while, and when it’s time for them to float on, Leah has no qualms waving goodbye. The only exception is her neighbor and best friend, Trevor. When all else fails in her crazy world, Trevor is always there, reliable, steady… real. But then one night a heated argument leads to a revelation that shakes Leah to the core. Suddenly, Leah is forced to make a choice. But will her heart survive her decision?

“Blackbirds” by Lily Java: Once upon a time Sydney Tarr and Elliott Vance were friends: fast friends, ride or die, pledge of allegiance, take it to the mat, “friends.” And the fact that Sydney loved her friend more than she should didn’t matter until finally… one unusual and spectacular night, it did. It mattered very much. Still, not every story is a fairy tale is it? Friends do part—sometimes forever—but, not always.

“Blur” by Rae Lamar: Jade Warner is back home. The bad part? Starting over. The best part? Reconnecting with Kyle Malone. Picking up where they left off years ago, it feels just like old times…except for the mutual attraction and questionable feelings, which are all brand new. For Jade and Kyle, it’s unthinkable to hook up given the history of their fail-safe friendship, but anything can happen when you live under the same roof…

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Nia Forrester is the author of the Commitment series. Nia lives and writes in Washington DC where, by day, she works on public policy and by night, she crafts women-centered fiction that examines the complexities of life, love and the human condition. Visit her at


Jacinta Howard is the author of women’s and new adult fiction. Since 2014, she’s released four novels, including the well-received Love Always Series. She also released the USA TODAY Must-Read Romance, Happiness in Jersey, as well as the emotional new adult novel, Finding Kennedy. Visit her at


Lily Java is a freelance writer and novelist who writes women’s fiction in many genres. Her debut suspense novel, Sticky Moon, was released in 2014. When she isn’t writing, Lily raises money for the arts planning events in iconic landmarks throughout her beloved hometown: New York City. Lily is a true ambivert, who enjoys solitude as much as she likes meeting or talking with other passionate readers and writers. Visit her at

Rae Lamar is a mild-mannered consultant by day and fiction writer by night who calls Atlanta home. She is the author of Dawn of Aris and The Aris Effect along with other works of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. On a perfect day, she can be found on the top floor of a swanky beach resort, sitting on the balcony of an ocean-front suite with a book in her hands and food at her fingertips. SN: She rarely has perfect days. Visit her at

Quentin & Lena Reference Image - Acceptable Losses by Nia Forrester



From ‘Acceptable Losses’ by Nia Forrester:


“So …” he began, “this is …”
“Awkward,” Lena finished for him. “I know. I’m sorry. I had no idea that …” She stopped and sighed. “Just … I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Quentin said, wondering why it was that he wasn’t angry at her.
She at least knew on Friday when he leaned in and kissed her that there was one very good reason that they shouldn’t. And yet, he wasn’t mad.
Lena gave a small, derisive laugh. “No. It is definitely not okay, Quentin. I mean, I’m here with your brother. And on Friday night …”
“Let’s not talk about Friday night,” he interrupted her.
A look crossed her face then that was unmistakable. It was hurt.
“Of course,” she said. “We should just forget it ever happened. It was wrong, and it shouldn’t have …”
“No, Lena, I didn’t mean … What I mean is …”
He took two steps toward her, and then stopped. He didn’t know what he meant. But he did know that what happened on Friday, he didn’t like hearing described as ‘wrong.’ Shit, it was complicated, no doubt about that. But it didn’t feel wrong. Kissing her, being that close to her actually felt very, very right.


Leah & Trevor Reference Image - Blind Expectations by Jacinta Howard


From ‘Blind Expectations’ by Jacinta Howard:


“I’m sitting on your lap,” she breathed, eyes still closed. “And we keep kissing.”

“Yes, you are. And yes, we do.”

She heard the smile in his voice and opened her eyes.

“Seems like you enjoy it,” he grinned, biting the corner of his lip. “I know I do. You taste good as hell, Leah. Even better than I knew you would.”

 Elliott & Sydney Reference Image - Blackbirds by Lily Java



From ‘Blackbirds’ by Lily Java:


Elliott had the smoothest skin she’d ever seen on a man. Dark and brown, it looked like it had been painted onto him with oil and a thick brush. Sydney had the urge to photograph him, but that was an urge she had about a thousand times a day with a lot of people. What was different about this was her urge to see more of him. The shirtless Elliott. The sleeping Elliott. Elliott at play.

Jade & Kyle Reference Image - Blur by Rae Lamar



From ‘Blur’ by Rae Lamar:


“Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find the right guy.”

Kyle watched as Jade stabbed a shrimp with her fork and stuck it in her mouth. “Your first mistake is labeling him ‘right’ because what the hell does that even mean? There is no right or wrong, Jade…it’s about finding the one who makes you feel most alive.”

Jade & Kyle Reference Image - Blur by Rae Lamar Quentin & Lena Reference Image - Acceptable Losses by Nia Forrester Elliott & Sydney Reference Image - Blackbirds by Lily Java Leah & Trevor Reference Image - Blind Expectations by Jacinta Howard

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