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Always Right is Live!

Always Right is available on Amazon.

My sole business is based on enhancing the customer’s experience. Therefore, when I walked into the small restaurant in London, expecting to get what I ordered. I was treated rudely by the waitress/owner and her arrogant son had the dirty nerve to come to his wretched mother’s aid. I told them both where they could go and stormed out.
It was only when it was time for me to come back to the states, did I see that I left my passport.

The woman wrote a scathing review of my mum’s restaurant, so I did what any dutiful son would do. Attempted to defend her honor. It didn’t quite work with this woman. My only saving grace was that I had her passport, a name and even after she escaped to the states with not even a goodbye, the review gave me a reason to call upon her.
She refused to take the review down, and I refused to stop calling her. Then I refused to let her go, which turned into my refusal for her to be claimed by another.

#AlwaysRight IR Romance, HEA, 50k novel, Hot Romance

Always Right features Harvey & Zora from Take A Knee, Mz. James and Z. Hays from Power of the Pen, Skull & Fatima from Warren.


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