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Sneak Peak of the Bookstore Chronicles 3

You want a sneak peek of the Bookstore Chronicles 3?

Tyler & Mel are not talking because he just found out she had a child and she had not revealed that to him up front. They are not speaking, but they are both at Dyna and Kane’s BBQ. Mel brought her son, Ralph (He’s 4). Check out their first interaction!


Ralph almost immediately left me and ran towards Dyna.LeagueofBosses_TheClient_V01 (1)
“Auntie Dyna,” He yelled and grabbed onto her leg.
She picked him and said, “Ralphy. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”
“You too but my name is Ralph and my teachers call me Raphael.” He replied.
“Right. I’m sorry,” Dyna said and looked at me.
“He’s a mess. I told you,” I answered with a shake of the head.
Then Ralph saw Kane on the grill and said, “That’s my Uncle Kane.”
Dyna smiled at me, “Yeah.”
To my surprise, Kane had a grin on his face. “This must be the little man.”
Ralph struggled to get down from Dyna. “I’m not little. I’m a big boy.”
Kane moved in front of the grill to meet Ralph who was moving his little legs towards him. “My fault, man. Big boy.”
“It’s okay,” Ralph said as he jumped towards Kane.

Ralph was so outgoing, which was a surprise because neither his father or I were as interactive as that little boy. He talked to people like he knew them for years and would just easily adjust. He had only seen Dyna and Kane in photographs from Facebook. This was his actual first time seeing both of them, but he ran to hug them just the same. This bothered me as well since I didn’t want him to be an easy target yet he made me a proud mother and almost reminded me that I did something right in life.
After Ralph pulled and tugged on Kane’s locks, he looked over towards Tyler and then back at me, “Mommy, what’s his name?”
The kid was pointing to Tyler who had watched the entire interaction between Dyna and Kane with a curios look on his face.
“His name is Mr. Tyler.”
Ralph struggled to get down from Kane and ran towards Tyler; who quickly moved away from the smoker to meet him.
“Hey, kid,” Tyler said.
“My name is Ralph, not kid.” He jumped into Tyler’s arms.
“Sorry,” Tyler’s exaggeratedly rolled his eyes around. “How could I have made that mistake? You are no kid.”
Ralph smiled and said, “No, I’m not. You were at my house yesterday.”

“No, I wasn’t at your house yesterday.” He looked puzzled.
“He thinks everything is yesterday. He doesn’t have a concept of time yet,” I interjected to Tyler who kept his eyes on Ralph and would not look at me.
“Yes, you were. You asked if I was okay, when I was sick.” Ralph nodded his small head. “I’m okay. See.”
He opened his arms wide for a demonstration.
Tyler laughed at him and said, “Yeah, man. I see.”
“So, when are you coming back to my house? I want to show you all of my dinosaurs. I have a T-rex, Deinonychus, Brachiosaurus, and Spinosaurus.” Ralph asked and I swear I could have passed out.
“Honey,” I called but Tyler interjected.
“Buddy, I got to tend to the smoker,” he said. “So, won’t you hang out with your mom.”
“Why?” Ralph asked. “I want to stay with you.”
“Uh, honey.” I went over to them. “Mr. Tyler….”
“It’s fine.” Kane interjected with a devious smirk embedded on his face. “I got the smoker, Mr. Tyler.”
“Thanks Uncle Kane. I want to show Mr. Tyler all of my dinosaurs and Paw Patrols. My mom brought them all.” He patted Tyler’s chest.
“No, it’s okay,” I said.
Tyler looked at Kane who nodded, then at me and said, “I got him. He’s got to show me his toys. Your car open?”
“No,” I said with my eyebrows pulled together now. “It’s fine.”
I held out my arms and Ralph wrapped his little ones around Tyler’s neck and said, “No, Mom. I want to hang out with Mr. Tyler. He asked if I was okay and I want to show him my toys.”
“It’s fine, Mel,” Tyler said. “Give me your keys.”
“Uh, okay.” I fetched them out of my purse.
Then they were off.
My head swiveled to Dyna and then Kane, who was back to working the grill and smoker.
“Girl, kids are magical.” Dyna noted and went back to setting the tables.


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