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2016 Xyla World Convention is LIVE!

The 2016 Xyla World Convention is Live!

Just when you thought you were convention-ed out, here comes Xyla. Bwahaha! Well, this is a different sort of convention. All of your favorite Xyla World Alphas are in the same room together answering questions posed by you, the readers. On top of that, there are three unique sneak peeks of what is to come or has already been released just in case you were wondering! Two chapters from Bookstore Chronicles III are included, one chapter from the newly release Extraction is there and a chapter from the upcoming book, 10-99: Line of Duty Series. The awards show is at the end and this isn’t something you want to miss. It cost less than a cup of coffee and you get to catch up on your favorite men, including Xavier, Kane, Razor, Joshua, Rich, Zach, Ryan, TR and JD.


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