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10-99 is LIVE!!!!

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10-99 is LIVE! Click here!
Grab your copy because the price goes up this weekend.
This is Vic & Kat’s Story!

“Sometimes, the perfect person for you is that whom you least expected it to be.” ~Unknown
Life events have a way of forming your beliefs even when you didn’t notice. Kat has had her share of events in life that only strengthened her disdain for one particular group…Cops! Despite any attempt in changing her views, she stands firm or does she? After tragedy strikes is an unsuspecting individual able to change her mind? Will she be able to withstand all that is entailed or has she finally met her match?
Vic Ritters is not your typical New York Police Officer, and you definitely wouldn’t find him behind a desk. Recent events within the city have brought up many questions without any answers. However, what he didn’t question, was the gut feeling he had about the infamous woman who never gave him the time of day. Will Vic find the answers to the many questions that have now surfaced? Will he be able to win over the one that he just can’t let get away?
Find the answers to these questions and much more in…10-99: Line of Duty Series
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