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Being a nationally acclaimed blogger about the literary world, sassy MzJames uses her status to express her opinion that literature has taken a major hit in quality. Her main target is Z. Hays who she feels demeans women in his books with his views, terminology and especially BDSM scenes. She makes it her personal mission to criticize him and his writing in negative reviews, blogs and articles about his books.

Zach Haynes is an independent author whose overnight success has brought a lot of attention, including one blogger who seems to have it out for him and his literary work. Being a best seller, he expects to have some haters but this blogger really gets under his skin with the personal attacks. After a little too much to drink, he decides to confront her which does not end well for either of them.

With a chance encounter at a bar, Lauren James meets a new man that she finds intriguing and opens her mind to new things she had only read about in Z. Hays’ book. Zach pieces together that his new obsession Lauren happens to be MzJames, but decides to keep it a secret. Just wait until she finds out who he is and that he’s known her blogger identity.

Watch what happens when two internet adversaries enter a relationship together, not knowing the other is the enemy.



Lauren (she’s a bit dramatic) is about to go ‘home’ with a guy she just met in an attempt to get Zach (the Hero) off her mind. (hmm) and ACTION!

“You ready to go?” Tall, dark and handsome asked knowingly.
“I’d n-never thought you asked.” I stumbled on my words a little.
Not only did I stumble on my words, I stumbled a little, causing him to pull me closer to him. He was definitely big all over! My neck twisted to look up at him and gave him a knowing smile.
He whispered, “I got something that will make you crawl.”
That was like a damn wet blanket that crushed me, my buzz and my horny thoughts when he said crawl. Jerking my arm for him, I snapped a little too loudly, “I don’t crawl for anyone.”
He blinked and said, “I-I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Yes, you d-did.” I accused. “What is wrong with you men, needing control, needing to degrade us, women.”
My voice was elevated, as I had drank probably too much. Kenneth took a step towards me, but I bumped into someone else, who wrapped their arms around my waist.
“What the… get off of me,” I yelled.
Charlie, the bartender, put down his rag, “Lauren, are you alright?”
“I’ve got her,” a familiar deep voice said.
Slowly, turning around I could smell his cologne, it was Zach.
Charlie nodded at him and turned away.
“Sergeant, she’s with me.” Kenneth pleaded.
“No soldier, she’s mine,” Zach responded.
“But -.” Ken started.
“You are dismissed,” Zach commanded, causing Kenneth to come to attention and salute him before he burst out of the lounge.
The last few statements became clearer to me and I said, “What are you doing? I was going home with him tonight.”
“The hell you weren’t.” He growled in my ears.



Lauren is meeting w/ her ‘friend’ Sheree because she’s been acting funny. So, this is her trying to get to the bottom of the issue. They are at a restaurant (Tell me what you would do if this was you) – LOL

“Hey Girl, what’s up,” Sheree smiled when I walked to her booth.
“Nothing much, how about you?” I returned.
“You know, just doing me.”
“Hmm,” I mumbled.
“So, what happened with you and that fine specimen of a man from last night?”
“He did his thing, I did mine then I left.”
“Damn, was it good?” She asked, a little too curious.
“It was alright.”
My grandma used to tell me, don’t share too much about your man with your girls, they might want to start getting curious.
“Just alright,” she frowned. “Damn, he looked too good to be true.”
“Yeah,” I signaled for the waitress, wanting to get this over. “That’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.”
“How may I help you ladies?” the chipper waitress asked.
“I’ll have the ribs, with macaroni salad and collard greens.” I handed her my menu. “Also, I’d like water.”
Sheree shook her head.
This conversation was going to be interesting.
“I’ll have the stir-fry vegetables, cooked in vegetable oil and light salt.” She handed the waitress the menu. “I’ll also have a water with three lemon wedges.”
The waitress nodded her head and walked away.
“So, you were saying,” Sheree turned her attention back to me as if to say, ‘this is how it should be done.’
She had me twisted.
“Yes, I was saying, about last night, there were three distinct moments when you said or did something that did not sit right with me, so I wanted to find out if there was a problem.” I folded my hands on the table.
“A problem?” she looked shocked. “Why would I have a problem with you?”
“I have no idea, but I get the feeling you have some animosity towards me and I’m not sure where that is coming from, if there was something I did or what.”
Sheree scoffed, “I don’t have a problem with you. I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you give me some examples?”
“Sheree, look, I know we’ve only known each other for some months now, but here are some facts about me. I’m direct, I won’t bullshit you, and I don’t do well with these sort of conversations. You say you don’t have a problem, fine, but when you keep making snide comments and trying to hit on a man, that I’m currently with right in front of me, I get the feeling that you have a problem.” I shrug my shoulders.
“This is over a man, come on Lauren, you are bigger than that.” She tried to be nonchalant.
“Ha,” I scoffed, “you know damn well this isn’t about a man. This is about you and me, and the problem you have with me.”
“I already told you I don’t have a problem with you, but we will have one if you don’t stop.”
“Sheree, that is what I’m trying to tell you dear, we do have one.”
The waitress returned with our waters and a bread basket with a side of butter. Immediately, I take a sip of water and reach for the bread. Sheree scoffs again and that did it for me.
“This,” I point to her, “is the shit I’m talking about.”
“What shit are you talking about?” she raised her voice. “The fact that you are going to eat yourself into an early grave? Huh? That you are a plus-size women who has no qualms about that, and flaunt it for the rest of us to see?”
She threw her napkin down.



Halfway through our meal, the doorbell started ringing nonstop. Zach was up before me and went to open it. I couldn’t see who it was, because he had me behind him, but when I heard, “Awww, shit. Lauren got a white boy.” I knew that was nobody but my brother Whit.
Zach whirled around and asked, “Do you know them?”
“Yeah,” I nodded while shaking my head. “They’re my brothers.”
He opened the door wider to let them in as they slowly sized him up. The crazy part was he was sizing them right back up. Head to toe. I shook my head and asked, “Is there a reason why you guys are here unannounced?”
Kendall pointed his thumb to Whit and said, “He dragged me here.”
Whit, trying to look serious and said, “I didn’t like your answers to my text and you didn’t call me back.”
“So, that means you show up to my place unannounced?” I was fuming.
“Yeah,” they both said in unison.
“Look,” Zach chimed in, “We trying to have dinner here. So if you want some, you can join us and if not, you can leave. This is our time.”
All the Clayton heads reared back, including mine at the audacity of this new comer. I should have warned him, but I didn’t know he would be meeting them so soon. Yeah, my family may live in Bowie, but that wasn’t always the case. Whit recovered from his initial shock, but then his features changed and this was about to get ugly. He started walking towards Zach, who didn’t even flinch and said, “Listen, homie, I’m –“
“Yeah,” Kendall slid in front of Whit and finished, “We can eat.”
Zach looked passed Kendall, directly at Whit and said, “Good. There’s plenty in the kitchen.”
On the way to the dining area, he nabbed my hand and I quickly followed.
“Calm down, man.” Kendall was talking to Whit.
This man done lost his mo*%*( f(*$king mind,” Whit sneered. “Who the f*%k do he think he talking to?”
This was not whispered and I know Zach heard him, but he kindly ignored them. He stopped me at my seat, so I could sit and he sat down. Whit and Kendall came into the dining area and Zach directed them to the kitchen, “The food’s in there.” He pointed with his thumb as he picked up some vegetables on his fork and proceeded to eat.
My appetite was gone as I figured, I’d be breaking up a fight in a little while.
Whit’s head looked back at Kendall, with his eyebrows raised as if to say, you better get that man.
Kendall shook his head and pushed Whit in the kitchen. As soon as they were inside, I said, “Zach, I would say ignore them they mean no harm, but if you keep coming at them. They will mean harm.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll mean harm too.”
“Zach,” I whined. “That’s my family.”
“You’re my woman.” He quickly replied as if to say, so what.

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