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Dyna wanted to finish school, graduate and go back to Queens, NY to get a job and be near her family.
Kane wanted to revive his family’s bookstore, get it back on track, so he could leave and focus on his other businesses. Until one day, the two find themselves involved in an incident at Kane’s store. The shy, recluse tries to escape Kane’s advances, but he’s set out to have her for himself.
Dyna is not that experienced in the sexual department, but there will be no other teacher for her.
Will their past keep them apart or make them stronger?

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Bookstore Chronicles II is available now!BookstoreChronicles2

***This is Part 2 of The Bookstore Chronicle’s series. This concludes Dyna and Kane’s story. You must read Part 1***

After Dyna made the life altering decision, that she now had to live with, Kane was also left with a decision to make. Chase the woman of his dreams down or forgo love forever. Bridget continues to use her daughter to get at Kane. When tragedy hits the bookstore, this causes Dyna to intervene.

Kane is faced with the choice of holding on to his past or pursuing his future.

Melanie and Tyler add a sexy spark in book 2, setting the scene for Bookstore Chronicles 3: Volume 3

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